Groomers you cannot blame the dogs family for its' behavior
while in your care. You teach each dog that comes in what to expect from you
each time.

If your dog severely fears going to the groomer, find another groomer.
There are devises (tables, slings, etc.) being sold as groomer helpers.
Think about this. Anything that helps the groomer does not necessary help
the dog. Noosing a dog up so it cannot move is torture for the dog.
Slinging a dog up so it cannot move is torture. Muzzling and noosing a
dog is torture. None of these devices are necessary when you understand
dog behavior and show love and understanding when handling them.

How do groomers expect the dog not to be afraid if they continue to
validate the torture every time the dog gets groomed? The ONLY way to teach
a dog it has nothing to fear being groomed is to show them without restraints.
If you cannot handle a dog without torture devises, then maybe you should
not be grooming dogs.

The so-called groomers helper devises groomers have in their shop do
not benefit the dog. A table wall on grooming tables that are not against
a wall benefit the dog and groomer. A wall cuts down on the dog's fear.
The wall on one side the groomer on the other. That leaves only two sides a dog
has to watch. The wall also prevents the dog from falling off the opposite side.

I have designed a wall that folds down under the table when not in use.
As a groomer I understand time restraints, having it fold down cuts down on setup
when needed for small to medium size dogs.

Fold down Table Wall
30" wide x 20" high

Replaceable Fabric Cover

At upholstry shop

Videos Demo Use