Flirt poles

Large 23 1/4 inches long with or without large toy
Small 19 inches long with or without small toy
Pocket/Travel 8 1/2 inches long with or without small toy

Sizes Available

Flirtpoles are awesome tools for humans to aide them in teaching the family dog.
Different breeds of dogs were bred for a purpose to help humans in one way or another.
These specific purposes are what drive some dogs. High drive dogs are labeled hyper active
because they have no outlet for this drive. Walking a dog miles only works their body, humans
stop them from fulfilling that drive by telling them to leave it, no, get over here, etc.
Playing with a dog 20 minutes with a flirtpole will satiate that drive by working both the body and mind.
Also teaching different English word/ action associations are easier taught during play.
If you expect to have the dogs attention you have to reduce that drive urge. Playing with
the dog, especially young dogs, before formal training will help prevent the dog not paying attention.

A flirtpole is must have for all families with dog family members.

I made my first one in 2016 and have used it with every dog  (used in video) that has
come into my home and took on all client home visits. The only thing
I have had to do, which is simple, is change the toy because a dog
killed the squeaky. Dogs new to a flirtpole are more curious when is squeaks.
A seasoned dog will play with either way.

The new design prevents the cord from sliding out of toggle spring stop.
The tip has indentation for cord and the handle has larger finger grips
and an indentation for your thumb for better gripping.
No sharp edges and the pole will not break causing injury or scare the dog.

Videos Demo Use