Human Dog Connection

At the young age of 5 I knew my life would involve animals. I was raised with horses, a cat and dogs. I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up but as I got older and being raised with many animals. I was not sure if I could be a vet. I did know I would work in the animal field.

At the age of 16, my parents divorced and my mom needed help. She said she did not care what job I got, as long as I got work. I knew I was not just going to do just anything. A friend of mine knew I wanted to work with animals and told me about a pet grooming shop that was hiring by her house. That was my first job working with animals. Here I learned grooming, training, breeding and whelping. As the years followed, I worked at many grooming kennels and also got experience as a veterinarian technician.

As a technician I worked at different clinics including emergency and specialty clinics.

Having grooming experience, I was able to get involved in dog showing. I worked for two of the top handlers in my area in the 80's. Both taught me handling and grooming skills that I was grateful to learn. I taught Grooming at a Grooming Academy and a Community College. With my training experience, I got a job working for a few Greyhound racing kennels including one breeder kennel. It was an experience that was not anything I ever wanted to do again. With kennel and vet tech experience, I then qualified for a job at the county animal shelter where I lived. There were lots of heartaches to experience there. This was where I truly learned how evil some humans can be when it comes to their pets and how they treat them. After that I went back into a grooming/training/handling business with a partner and I got the pleasure to be head trainer of our county K-9 search and rescue team. The whole team received a certification for land search with their dog by a certified Search and Rescue Trainer/Author.

Today I can groom all fearful small, medium and some large breed dogs without a noose or muzzle just one leather glove. I can scale teeth without sedation just by laying the dog in my lap. All dog behavior is a reflection of the type of human interactions they have had. It is not about obedience but working together with compassion and love. All we are doing is teaching a foreigner the English language. How we do that is what makes a difference.

All of my knowledge/wisdom is from experience not from a book/ books I read. What I speak of and teach is simple, easy to understand, information from personal experience. My long term goal is educating the masses by having speaking engagements.